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Soil Test Kit Self-Mailer

by Bindu Bhakta, Allen Krizek, Kevin Frank, Jeremy Lounds, Mary Wilson, Rebecca Finneran, Jon Dahl, Mark Longstroth, Bert Cregg

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  • Quantity Price (10 or more): $22.50

Soil testing is a recommended practice to avoid over fertilization. Applying the correct amount of fertilizer can save money and protect Michigan's water resources. This kit comes complete with everything you'll need to submit a soil sample for testing by the MSU Soils Laboratory. Simply follow the instructions, put the completed form and soil sample in the postage-paid envelope and your results will be sent via email. NOTE: You must have access to an E-mail address to receive the results.   rm117 - IDM / IDB

Soil Test Kit Self-Mailer

For more information on how to get your soil tested, please visit the MSU Soil Test website.